How does my Kobo Library work on the Kobo website?

Navigating your Kobo Library on the Kobo website 

Your Kobo Library is divided into three sections: I’m Reading, Purchased, and Trash. They are designed to help manage your content. 

I’m Reading

The I’m Reading tab shows all the content you’ve opened or purchased from the Kobo website. 

What does this tab do for me?

  • You can access everything you’ve ever bought for your library. Your favorite reads stay with you (unless you remove them).
  • Bookmarks show you the last page you read. We'll remember the page you were on.
  • Tired of a book or other file? Check the box to the left of your book, and click the Delete button to send it to the Trash folder.


The Purchased tab shows all the content you’ve purchased from Kobo. 

What does this tab do for me?

  • Offers quick access to all the books you’ve purchased.
  • The tab also lets you find the date purchased and the price.
  • Deleted items are removed from this list, and sent to Trash.
  • Looking for a history or all your purchases, even ones you’ve deleted? Visit Purchase History in your Account to see all transactions.


The Trash tab shows all the excerpts and books you’ve deleted from your lists.

What does this tab do for me?

  • Keeps track of every item you delete from your Purchased and I’m Reading tabs.
  • Changed your mind about a piece of content? The Undelete button will return your read to its rightful place in your list.
  • It’s easy to empty - simply select Delete Forever and your content will be permanently deleted.

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