What are the icons on my Home Tapestry?

Navigation options on your Kobo Arc

The Home Tapestry on your Kobo Arc includes the navigation options you’ll use the most: the All Apps, Back, Home and Recent Apps icons. Your Home Tapestry also includes several information icons that you’ll find useful; the Downloads, Wi Fi, and Battery icons. Once you've opened the Kobo app, you'll find a number of other icons that help you navigate your Library and make the reading experience more comfortable.

The navigation options at the bottom of your Home Tapestry allow you to quickly navigate to the content you’re interested in. While you’re reading, the Back, Home and Recent apps icons are dimmed so they don’t distract you. Just tap the black bar at the bottom of the screen while reading and you’ll see them instantly.


Here’s how you can use these icons:



Notifications – Depending on how you use your Kobo Arc, you’ll see notifications for items such as incoming email, downloads, screen shots, and much more. When you swipe the Notification shade down, you’ll see a list of all notifications. 


Wi Fi – View your wireless network signal strength on your Kobo Arc. Note, if you don’t see this icon, your Kobo Arc is not connected to a wireless network.


Battery – View how much charge your Kobo Arc’s battery has. A thunderbolt in the battery means your Kobo Arc is connected and charging.


All Apps – Tap this icon to see all the apps and widgets on your Kobo Arc. From the All Apps screen you can open an app, view and use a widget, or add a shortcut for an app or widget to a Tapestry.


Recent Apps – Tap this icon to see each app you’ve used since you turned your Kobo Arc on. You can tap anything in the list to open it again. When you turn your Kobo Arc off, this list is deleted.


Home – Tap this icon to return to the last Tapestry you had open. Tap the Home icon while you’re on any other Tapestry to return to the Home Tapestry.


Back – Tap this icon to go to the previous screen. For example, if you’ve navigated several pages inside a game app, tap this icon to move back to each previous page.

With the Kobo app open, you'll find many icons that will help you navigate, locate what you're interested in, and make the reading experience more comfortable for you.

You'll find these icons on the Home page of the Kobo app:

Search icon– Tap to find books in the Kobo bookstore.

Product_Knowledge:Documentation:Zeus Knowledge Development:Assets:Reader Icons:22-09.png

Reading Life Notifications – Tap to see Reading Life notifications.

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Home – Tap to see your Library, visit the Kobo Store, or view Reading Life stats and awards.

News - Tap to see the Kobo News feed, where you'll find general news and tips for using the Kobo app.


You'll find these icons when you have a book open in the Kobo app:

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Kobo icon – Tap to bookmark the page and return to the Library.

Product_Knowledge:Documentation:Zeus Knowledge Development:Assets:Reader Icons:22-08.png

Table of Contents – Tap to see the table of contents of your current book.


Facebook Sharing – Tap to share your reading activity with your Facebook friends.

Macintosh HD:Users:ksingleton:Library:Caches:TemporaryItems:Outlook Temp:AndroidIcons:22-02.png

Reading Menu – Tap to see reading options.

Product_Knowledge:Documentation:Zeus Knowledge Development:Assets:Pegasus_scrubber.png

Navigate – Tap to see the page navigation bar.

Product_Knowledge:Documentation:Zeus Knowledge Development:Assets:Reader Icons:22-05.png

Text Options – Tap to change the way text looks--- make it bigger, smaller, change the style of the text, and change page layout.

Product_Knowledge:Documentation:Zeus Knowledge Development:Assets:Reader Icons:22-04.png

Appearance menu – Tap to adjust the reading theme, Page Style, and screen brightness.

Product_Knowledge:Documentation:Zeus Knowledge Development:Assets:Reader Icons:22-06.png

Advanced Settings – Tap to adjust notifications, page navigation options, and page orientation options.

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Pulse comments – Tap to make a comment on the page that other Pulse users can see.

Macintosh HD:Users:clui:Documents:#Pegasus:#Documentation:Images:Images:Images (renamed):Vox_btn_Pulse.jpg

Pulse – Tap to see book stats and comments from readers in the Kobo community.

Product_Knowledge:Documentation:Zeus Knowledge Development:Assets:Reader Icons:22-11.png

Actions icon - Tap to bookmark the page or close the book.

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Snap Back- Tap go back to the last page you were on.

Product_Knowledge:Documentation:Zeus Knowledge Development:Assets:Reader Icons:Left-Chevron.png

Chapter back - Tap to go to the start of the previous chapter.

Product_Knowledge:Documentation:Zeus Knowledge Development:Assets:Reader Icons:Right-Chevron.png

Chapter forward - Tap to go to the start of the next chapter.


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