How do I set up my Kobo Arc for the first time?

Setting up your Kobo Arc for the first time

When you first open the box containing your new Kobo Arc, you’ll find a charger, your new Kobo Arc, a short Quick Start Guide, and details of special offers.

Your Kobo Arc should arrive charged, however, if it doesn’t have enough power to complete setup, you’ll see a message on the screen. If it’s completely out of power you’ll see a red light beside the power button and it won’t start up. If you see a message or a red light beside the power button, please attach the charger and plug it into a wall socket.

Before you use your Kobo Arc for the first time, you need to set it up. You’ll be guided through the setup steps with a Setup Wizard. To complete setup you’ll need a wireless network (Wi Fi) connection.


  • If you see a red light next to the power button, or if your Kobo Arc is out of power, you’ll need to charge it before you can set it up.
  • If you receive a Tablet Update error message at any time during setup, please contact Kobo.

To set up your Kobo Arc:

  1. Press and hold the power button on your Kobo Arc for at least five seconds. When your Kobo Arc turns on, you’ll see a blinking blue light next to the power button. The setup Wizard will automatically start.
  2. If the language that appears on the Welcome page is your language:
    1. Tap Get Started.


  1. If the language that appears on the Welcome page is not your language:
    1. Tap the language field and select your language from the list.
    2. Tap Get Started.
  1. Tap the wireless network you wish to connect to.
    Note: Put your finger on the screen at the bottom of the list of networks and slide it upward to see the names of more networks.
  1. If necessary, tap Password and use the on-screen keyboard to enter the network password.
  2. Tap Next.
  3. Tap Update Now.
    Note: Depending on the speed of your wireless connection, this download could take a while. If you don’t see an error message, even if the download takes a long time, don’t worry – everything is normal and you’ll be asked to continue once it’s complete.
  4. When the download is complete, tap Continue.
  5. If necessary, tap Date, Time, or Time Zone and make any needed changes.
  6. Tap Next.
  7. Tap the sign in option you wish to use, and use the on-screen keyboard to enter your details.


  • If you have a FNAC account and don’t see it, tap the My Kobo Account field at the top of the screen, tap More Authentication Providers, and tap My FNAC Account.
  • If you are in Japan and you don’t see the Rakuten sign-in option, tap the My Kobo Account field at the top of the screen, tap More Authentication Providers and tap My Rakuten ID.
  1. Tap Done, or tap the return key on the on-screen keyboard.
  2. Tap the panel on the middle of the page.
  3. Tap Quick Tour and watch a short video about the Kobo Arc.
  4. Tap Tell Us Your Likes, and complete the taste profile:
    1. Tap Get Started.
    2. Press and hold the book cover in the middle of the page, and drag it to the right if you would be interested in reading it, or drag it to the left if you wouldn’t.
    3. If you’ve read the book in the middle of the page, tap the stars underneath it to indicate what your opinion is.
      When you’ve reviewed five books, a message appears.
    4. Tap I’m All Done.

You’re done, and you can start exploring on your Kobo Arc!

If you’re using a Wi Fi network to set up your new Kobo Arc, you may experience a temporary problem caused by the Wi Fi network connection. There are some easy solutions that usually fix the problem, described below.

Step 1: Re-try the step that failed

If your Kobo Arc won’t complete a step, tap the Back arrow at the bottom of the screen and start the step again.

Step 2: Reconnect with your Wi Fi network

If you’ve tried to complete a step again or tried setup again and still have a problem, you can try to reconnect to your Wi Fi network or connect to a different Wi Fi network.

Note: You should use a network with a reasonably strong signal for setup – look for networks that show at least three black bars in the Connection Strength icon in the Available Networks list: .

To reconnect to a Wi Fi network, or to join another Wi Fi network:

  1. Tap Back at the bottom of the screen until you are back on the Welcome screen.
  2. Tap Next.
  3. Select your Wi Fi network, or select another network.
  4. If necessary, enter the network password.
  5. Tap Join.
  6. Complete the remaining steps for setup.


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